IKEA Kitchen Assembly in Austin – Well, first and foremost: That means I’ll save you time and headaches!

I don’t need to sell you the idea of an IKEA kitchen and how great they are – you already know that. IKEA kitchens are know for their massive variations, options and ways to customize them. However, this big and valid selling point comes with an issue: Some customers might feel overwhelmed or simply don’t have the time to assemble the parts.

Coming from Europe, I’m all aware of IKEA kitchens since they are more common over there. I’ll be able to take on your IKEA Kitchen assembly easily, just send me a message and let’s talk about it.

Please refer to the FAQ below for more information.


Pick up kitchen at IKEA

Unfortunately this is something I can’t offer. Please make sure you got all flat packs and required items at your location and room.

Do you install the kitchen?

At the moment I have only a couple of time slots available and I’m not able to install the kitchen for you. This service might come back in the future.

Assembly vs Installation

Sometimes it makes sense to split services in order to avoid high hidden fees. I’m only able to assemble the kitchen for you at the current time and installation has to be provided by someone else. However, this give you an easier way for negotiation with the installer since the assembly has already been done.

Minimum fee

Please note that I charge a minimum fee for IKEA Kitchen assembly.


  • We are thankful for Nick's fast and helpful service. He assembled our kitchen boxes and made sure everything is working and ready for the installer. Nick, thank you for all the additional suggestions you provided.


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