Most burglaries or home invasions happen through the front door because it is one of the weakest points. The main object that should protect you is actually the preferred target by intruders.

Kicking in the door is a quick and favorite method!

The reason is simple: It is quite easy to do so. It’s shocking with how little force an intruder is able to gain access to your home.
What happens if the door frame is not proper attached to the wall? Have a look at the videos below and see it for yourself.

Caught on camera


First, a very important note: Prevention is always better than repairing. Act today and don’t wait until it is too late. I published this service separately since this is a special and very important service.

I’m going to eliminate the opportunity for easy entry by reinforcing your main entry point to your home – your door.

Door Jamb
I’m enhancing the strength of your door jamb by adding a stronger material – a steel plate long enough to spread and lessen the force of a kick across the frame. The plate will be anchored to the wall stud and not the frame only.

If the client is asking for, I’ll install an additional shield on your door. Since this addition will be visible on the door from the inside and outside, I install these shields only upon request. The additional shields enhance the stability of the area where your lock and door knob are located.

Most of the time the hinges don’t get the proper attention during evaluating your home security but they are important as well. I make sure they are able to withstand kicks for several times by anchoring them to the wall studs.

Protect your family and/or your beloved pets. Better safe than sorry!

Do you install client provided items?

Sure. Just let me know upfront what items you have, which brand it is and I’ll be more than happy to install your provided solution.
I’m flexible with the schedule. Let’s have a talk!

How long does it take?

I’m able to secure your door within one to two hours – sometimes less, depending on the circumstances and the condition of the door frame.

  • I'm really impressed by the standards Nick is holding on to and the work he has done.


Please note: I’m not a security consultant or locksmith.

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